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The Interior Gallery Company is a designer and direct distributor of high quality furniture and theme decor statues. We work directly with the manufacturers while our expert design team is constantly seeking ways to improve quality and deliver creative and exciting designs to you. At The Interior Gallery, you will discover a wealth of timeless treasures including antique reproduction and ultra luxury home and bathroom decors. Our range of products coincide with a wide variety of establishments such as hotels, restaurants, offices, theme stores, etc. They are also perfect for furnishing indoor and outdoor sections of homes, restaurants, or commercial buildings.

The Interior Gallery hosts a wide selection of exclusive designs created by our onsite expert design team. Our unique collections consist of over 6000 items such as connoisseur butlers, chef, cook, animal life size statues, butler statues, Betty Boop collectibles and an incredible collection of Victorian style decorative birdcages.

We are also proud to invite you to browse our newest member in our luxury furniture series, the high quality modern and antique wooden bathroom vanities consisting of hand-carved solid wood. All of our modern and antique bathroom vanities are sold as complete sets consisting of oak cabinet or rubber wood cabinets marble countertops, mirror, porcelain basins, and heavy duty Faucets.

With great packages such as these, you can trust we will offer the best deal and competitively lower than market retail prices. We are confident you will find that our hand-crafted replicas unite luxury home decor and practicality, whimsical decor yet traditional pieces.

Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets can make the whole style of your bathroom come alive, and set the tone of your bathroom design. Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom, so it is important to evaluate and choose quality bathroom vanities when remodeling your bathroom. Equally important are the fixtures, lighting, toilet, and other components of quality bathroom designs.

Choosing the right bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities can provide years of satisfaction and enjoyment. A high quality bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinet will provide a stylish bathroom design to be admired by everyone. Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets are typically made of a variety of materials. They may be made of natural material like wood, or synthetic materials.

We pride ourselves in having the highest quality Bathroom Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities. Our large and diverse collection of modern bathroom vanities and antique bathroom cabinets make your bathroom vanity shopping experience easy and fun! View our discount bathroom vanities using the category that fits your need. Where space is an issue, we have great single sink modern bathroom vanity set or antique bathroom vanity set. For that master bathroom, you can pick the perfect double sink modern bathroom vanity set or double sink antique bathroom vanity set. For the shopper seeking a special look, choose from our fabulous assortment of antique vanities, contemporary vanities, and glass vanities.



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